Dinner menu - sample
 Mahi Mahi steak, with Blue cheese Sauce
 White tuna steak, with Vanilla Sauce
 Beef Filet with green beans, mustard sauce
 Raw red tuna lemon, coconut milk & veggies
 Ocean "Salmon" steak, with Vanilla or blue cheese Sauce
 Red Tuna steak with vanilla or Blue Cheese Sauce	
 Sweat and sour chicken strips
 Shrimps with Local Curry Sauce
 Veggie Curry
 Spaghetti a la carbonara with mushrooms
 Tuna & Shrimps, creamy sauce with spaghetti
 Sweet & sour tuna with veggies
 Chicken on sweet paprika & herbs, creamy sauce, pasta
 Ice cream
 Home made papaya sorbet
 Flambeed pineapple

 We don’t serve any “Halal” food.

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